Final Project Update

The concept of my final project has changed considerably since the beginning of the course. I’ve shifted the focus of my project from the lynching of Florencio Garcia to a different lynching case. I’ve also added the overarching goal of encouraging users to conduct on their own investigation into under-researched lynching cases. My project will point users towards a database that focuses on lynchings in Texas, but the research skills that I will focus on my project can be applied to any lynching in the United States.

Unfortunately, because the finalization of my project concept is happening this late in the game, I haven’t made much visible progress. Because of the relation to my digital history project in HIST 694, I know that the format I will be utilizing for my final project is Omeka. I’ve created some pages and a rough outline on my site towards this goal. My next steps will be to establish the order of activities and develop the pages a bit more.

As for the materials in this week’s module, I think I explored every project and student interview I could get my hands on — I need all the help I can get! I’ve learned just how diverse digital educational resources can be:  VR experiences, teacher’s guides, library guides, and course syallabi. I’m encouraged by this wide range and I know that there is much for me to learn from these projects.

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