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Colored Conventions Project

Name of Web Site: Colored Conventions Project


Location of Site’s Right Statements: Listed on individual exhibit sites. Example:

The Colored Conventions Project contains information related to the Colored Conventions Movement, a series of political gatherings that began in the antebellum period and lasted for seven decades. The main site links to a related domain that hosts the Project’s digital records. The CCP website also spotlights more than seventeen digital exhibits. The site also contains a range of research-based teaching materials for people of all ages. The Colored Conventions Project is committed to providing open and accessible resources to all interested parties. 


J Paul Getty Museum

Name of Web Site: Getty Museum


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The website for the J Paul Getty Museum contains thousands of art pieces ranging from sculptures, paintings, manuscripts, photographs, and drawings. Artifacts are divided into collections, and collections are searchable by artist, title, medium, culture, and keywords. The Getty Museum website also provides educational resources for learners of all ages and teachers at all levels. Finally, the Museum makes available its regular publications. Most are available for purchase or reservation, but some are able to be downloaded for free.