Final Project Update: Module 7

I’m feeling really good about the state of my project. The goals and activities are more defined than ever. My project is tentatively titled “Telling the Stories of Lynching Victims” and walks users through the process of researching specific lynching cases and sharing their research with others. Upon completion of the module, users should be able to utilize the Lynching in Texas database (or any other lynching database) to select a case that they can then research in-depth. The module itself will utilize the case of Juan Tobar as an example for users to follow along with; I’ve selected this case because, unlike the Florencio Garcia case that my main website is based on, the entry on Juan Tobar in the LiT database includes both text and image sources. Since the intended audience for my “Last Lynching of Cameron County” project was adults with a connection to the geographical region and my final project for this course is connected to that project, my intended audience for my final project this semester is the same as my project for last semester.

Since my last update, I’ve further refined my outline and I think I’ve finalized the activities in my module:

  • 1: Select a Story
  • 2: Evaluate Sources
    • This activity will have 2 sub-activities: one that focuses on images and one that focuses on newspapers.
  • 3: Form a Research Question
    • I know it’s possible to form a research question first and then locate sources, but I think for people who aren’t as familiar with “doing” history, starting with sources first then generating research questions is a good way to ease them into the process.
  • 4: Gather More Information
  • 4: Share Your Findings

To continue moving forward, I need to begin building out these activities. Each activity has its own page and some basic text outlining the activity, but I need to start adding in screenshots and go into more detail about the steps of each activity.

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