Revised Personas

Persona 1 – Luis

Demographic30s, Accountant at a local non-profit
Descriptive TitleThe Activist
Quote: “Those who forget history are deemed to repeat it – my community won’t forget.”


A Day in a Life Narrative: Luis is passionate about his town and is always striving to make it a better place for everyone in it. He frequently attends town hall meetings, is a member of multiple community-building organizations, and has started multiple petitions. Luis is constantly seeking new information — whether it’s about congressional districts, human rights issues, or environmental challenges. He’s a firm believer in learning from the past and sees a tremendous amount of value in using history as a way to stimulate interest in community action. Luis speaks and reads a small amount of Spanish but does not consider himself fluent.

End Goals:

  • Easily access the untold/under told histories of people that have come before him and pass them on to the many people he comes in contact with.
  • Motivate change and action in the community. Make connections between the past and current challenges the people in the area are facing.


Persona 2 – Dawn

Demographic: 40s, Secretary at a public high school
Descriptive Title: The Social Butterfly
Quote: “Let’s leave the past in the past and focus on the here and now.”


A Day in a Life Narrative: Almost from the moment she first wakes up, Dawn is in constant communication with her group of family members and friends. She enjoys being an active member of her community, mostly because she loves being around people. She loves consuming and relaying information in a story format. Whether it’s the latest political news, some neighborhood gossip, or training a colleague, Dawn is more engaged when the experience has a definite beginning, middle, and end — even better if there are twists and turns. She’s not a big history fan but is always on the lookout for an interesting story; you’ll never know what will generate a good conversation between her and the people she knows. Dawn is fluent in both English and Spanish and expects the content she consumes to reflect this back to her.

End Goals:

  • Learn more about her town’s history without making it feel like school. A compelling narrative is infinitely better than straight facts.
  • Find something that can stimulate moments of genuine connection with the people in her life. Facts and new experiences are meaningless if they can’t be shared with others.

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