Final Project Ideas Revisited: HIST 689

I think the ability for users of my project to examine a past event from different perspectives will benefit greatly from a digital platform. Specifically, I’d like to spotlight articles about the same topics/events from two different types of newspapers: Spanish-language papers and English-language papers. One of my other main sources, a collection of testimonies from “opposing” sides, could also be used to accomplish this task, but I’m not quite sure yet how the user experience with these testimonies couldĀ  be improved with digital tools.

Overall, I’ve been feeling really challenged by the task of creating a digital learning opportunity. My experiences with memorable history learning experiences have not had much in common with the seriousness of the content at the center of my proposed project. I’m wondering if some topics in history aren’t well suited for digital educational experiences, and if so, if my topic is one of them. I think I need to examine existing digital projects that are similar in content to my proposed project — perhaps that will help me better understand how digital tools can be utilized to create a learning experience about a specific lynching.

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